Birthstone Month: Jan - Jun
Birthstone Month: Jul - Dec
A symmetrical birthstone necklace with Swarovski
Crystal Rondelles, Aurora Borealis Swarovski
Crystals, Freshwater Pearls, and Sterling Silver.  
This piece, a birthday gift for a special mom and
grandmother, from her son.  Grandmother's
birthstone is in the center, surrounded by her son's
birthstones, followed by her grandchildren.
Garnets (January), Turquoise (December), Champagne
Glass Beads (for Champagne Topaz - November)  and
Birthstones are combined with Freshwater Pearls,
Antique Pewter, and Sterling Silver.
A symmetrical birthstone necklace with Swarovski
Crystals, Cultured Pearls, and Sterling Silver.  This
necklace has Grandmother and her Husband on the
center drop.  Grandmother is surrounded by her
children her grandchildren and her great
A triple strand birthstone bracelet with Swarovski
Crystals, Cultured Pearls, and Sterling Silver.  This
child's birthstone is on the dangle at the clasp.
Below are examples of more specialized Birthstone jewelry pieces.  
Contact to order your own piece!

Birthstone jewelry available to order in birthstone colors of your
"My Girls"
Swarovski Crystals, Cultured Pearls, and Sterling
Silver.  Mom's birthstone is in the center with her  
daughter's on each side.
A single strand birthstone bracelet with Swarovski
Crystals, Stardust Silver Rondelles, and Sterling
Silver.  This bracelet has Mom & Dad's birthstones
near the clasp with the child in the center.
"Birthstones Repeated"  7.5"  
Cultured Lavender Pearls for June
with Amethyst Swarovski Crystals
for Feruary, and Sterling Silver.  
(around $30)
"Birthstones with Pearls"  7.5"  
Cultured Pearls  with  Swarovski
Crystals  and Sterling Silver.   Has a
magnetic clasp.
(around $30)
"Children's Birthstones"  7.5"  
Swarovski Crystals  and Sterling
  (around $24)
"Mom"  Four bracelets on elastic  
Beads and Sterling Silver.   Strand #1
= Mom & Dad, Strand #2 = Their four children,
Strand #3 = 10 grandchildren, Strand #4 =
plain to complement any combination!
"Long Pearls"  26-28"
Cultured Pearls with Swarovski Crystals signifying
Sterling Silver chain extension.  
(around $45)
"Grandmother"  28"  
Cultured Pearls with  Swarovski Crystals signifying
their children, and Sterling Silver.
 (around $45)
Contains:  Cultured Freshwater Pearls,
Swarovski Aurora Borealis Crystal, Sterling
Silver Spacer Beads, Sterling Silver Lobster
Clasp, and 1" Sterling Silver extension Chain.
Family Bracelets with Sterling
Silver and Swarovski Crystals
in Birthstone Colors.
Clasp  $35
add a cross or heart charm for $3
Birthstone Bracelets with
Freshwater Cultured Pearls,
Crystals in Birthstone Colors.
Buckingham Style
Birthstone Jewelry
Birthstone Jewelry!
On this page we have examples of necklaces and bracelets with
the items in your preferred birthstone colors, or if you would

You can view more Birthstone ideas on our Mother's Bracelet
Mother's Day
Family Necklaces with Sterling Silver, Swarovski
Crystals & Cultured Freshwater Pearls.
Family Necklaces without a Center Drop -
Center Drop $60 - $85.Center Drop $60 -
To order a
Family Necklace,
January - Garnet                 July - Ruby
February – Amethyst         August – Peridot
March - Aquamarine          September - Sapphire
April – Clear                      October - Rose
May – Emerald                  November - Topaz
June – Lt. Amethyst          December – Blue Zircon
A special
meaningful gift -
To View More Family Necklaces
Birthstone Month: Jan - Jun
Birthstone Month: Jul - Dec
Birthstone Month: Jan - Jun
Birthstone Month: Jul - Dec
Cultured Freshwater Pearls with Birthstone colored
Swarovski Crystals, and Sterling Silver.  
 2" Sterling
"Gift of Pearls"  16-18"  $45
Sterling Silver chain extension.
"Birthstone Leatherette"  16-17"  $33
Birthstone colored Swarovski Crystals, Sterling
Silver, and Leather Cord.  
 1" Sterling Silver chain
Birthstone Necklaces!!
For the Jewelry, the Sterling Silver Spacers may vary slightly due to Silver availability.  If you would
like something similar to the above unique handmade pieces, but with your own personal touch,
contact us for custom handcrafted pieces.  And of course, we can make matching earrings for
the jewelry, so  please
be in touch with us for custom ordering.